Articles about tattoos

In this section you will find answers to the most popular questions about tattoos. Does it hurt to get a tattoo? Is it possible then to reduce the tattoo that I didn’t like? What are temporary tattoos, and how much can quality work cost? All this can be found in the relevant articles. This section is suitable not only for beginners, but also for those who are going to the master not for the first time.

Photo 3
8 stunning girls with tattoos.Model tattoos worth following
3 reasons not to get a tattooObjective, in our opinion, arguments against tattoos.
Tattoos for menHow can a man choose a plot for a tattoo?
Tattoos for girlsHow are women's tattoos different from men's?
Ultraviolet tattoosInvisible tattoos that are only visible in the dark. Really? The answer is here!
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?Find out what determines the degree of pain in the tattoo process!
Tattoo CorrectionIs it possible to fix a boring or low-quality tattoo? The answer is here!
temporary tattoo
Temporary tatoos3 possibilities to get a temporary tattoo
How to care for a tattoo?How to make the tattoo heal faster? What should not be done immediately after application?
Harm of a tattoo for your healthCan health problems and complications arise during the application process, and how can they be avoided?
Places for tattoosHow to decide where to get a tattoo? We will help you!
small tattoos 30
small tattoosHow to choose a small tattoo? what are they? We will tell!
nail piercing photo
Nail piercingHow safe is the new nail art trend?
Tragus piercingAll about the tragus puncture.
Play piercing on the back
play piercingWho makes a corset piercing and why?
Eyebrow piercingFeatures, recommendations, tips, photos and videos.
navel puncture
Belly button piercingAnswers to all popular questions about navel piercing!
Types of ear piercings
Ear piercingClassification, features, tips, recommendations for care.
How to care for a lip piercing
Lip piercingDoes it hurt, what could be the consequences and answers to other popular questions.
homemade tattoo machine
DIY tattoo machineRequired materials, assembly instructions
Split tonguePreparation, risks, care
photo of stretch mark tattoo on stomach
Stretch mark tattooWhat tattoos can be covered?
Overview of tattoo master equipmentHow to choose a typewriter, pigments, needles, leather for practice and much more!
Couple tattoos for loversWhat kind of tattoos do lovers do? The answer is here!
Medical tattoosWhat do medical tattoos mean and why are they needed?
Sleeve tattoos
Tattoo sleeveWhat is a sleeve tattoo and what are they? Read here!
Tattoo with white paintHave you seen white tattoos? Now you will see!
Tattoo on scars and scarsHow to hide a scar, scar or burn mark? With the help of a tattoo!
Tattoo around female nipplesShould I get a tattoo around the nipples, and how will it look?
Portak tattoo
PartakiA section with terrible, low-quality tattoos. Do not do it this way!
teeth tattoo 27
tattoo on teethTattoos on the teeth and on the skin - what is the difference?
eyeball tattoo 1
Eyeball tattooIs a new type of tattoo dangerous for health?
Tongue piercing
Piercing typesHow to choose the perfect puncture site?
Piercing history
Piercing historyA story about the roots of the popular way to decorate your body with piercings.
How to make tunnels in the ears
How are ear tunnels made?Details on how tunnel stretching occurs.
What to do if the piercing is festering?Practical advice and recommendations.
nose piercing bar
Nose PiercingFeatures, recommendations, tips, photos and videos.
nipple piercing
Nipple piercingIs it worth it to make a puncture in such intimate areas? Let's tell!
how to care for a tongue piercing
Tongue piercingHow to properly care, what could be the consequences and answers to other popular questions.