Occult signs

1. What are occult signs?

Occult signs are signs related to the astral world, the spirit world, invisible beings, and magical rituals. It is synonymous with esotericism. These signs are usually elements of rituals or amulets that protect against certain powers.

2. What do occult signs look like?


Pentagram, source: Pixabay

A regular polygon in the shape of a five-pointed star. It probably appeared in Mesopotamia in 3000 BC. E., Formed by intertwining lines. The center of the pentagram forms a regular pentagon. It is sometimes called the star of Pythagoras. Pentagram mistakenly considered a symbol of evil and Satan. It comes from antiquity and was originally painted in Babylon on food containers so that it does not deteriorate. The early Christians saw it as a symbol of Christ's wounds. It was perceived as a symbol of the five human senses.


Trident, source: Pixabay

It is a symbol found in many belief systems. In ancient Greece, he was an attribute of Poseidon (in Rome - Neptune), which, thanks to trident created springs, caused storms. There is also a symbol that appears in Taoist religion, it is used to invoke deities, spirits, this is the mystery of the Trinity.


Pacific, source: Wikimedia Commons

A symbol of the pacifist movement, that is, a movement that condemns war and fights for world peace. It was created by designer Gerald Holt using the alphabet used by the Navy - it formed the letters N and D on a wheel to symbolize nuclear disarmament. Pacific attributed to an occult character, its other name, according to some, is the Cross of Nero. It was supposed to be a symbol of persecution, the fall of Christians. It probably comes from Nero, who crucified the Apostle Peter upside down. A.S. LaVley, the founder of the Church of Satan, used this symbol before the black masses and orgies in San Francisco, so it was assumed that the pacifist was a sign of Satan, evil.


Heptagram, source: Wikimedia Commons

A star with seven points. Its other names are Eleven Stars or Fairy Star. In many Christian sects, it is used as a symbol of the perfection of God, as well as to denote the seven days of creation. Used in modern paganism and witchcraft, it is a symbol with magical powers.

Black Sun

Black sun, source: Wikimedia Commons

The symbol consists of three swastikas arranged in the shape of a sun with a black circular center. The hands of the swastika create the "rays" of the sun. This is an esoteric occult sign. It looks like a pattern on the floor of Wewelsburg Castle. Today it is used by the Germanic neo-pagan movement.

The star of chaos

Chaos Star, Source: Wikimedia Commons

Interpreted as a symbol of chaos. A circle from which eight arrows emerge. He appeared in the work of Michael Moorcock as a symbol of endless possibilities. This sign is used by students of chaos magic. Currently in pop culture it means evil and destruction, it is also considered a satanic symbol.

Ring of atlantis

Ring of Atlantis, source: Wikimedia Commons

It was found in the 19th century in the Valley of the Kings. The symbols engraved on it did not have to correspond to Egyptian civilization, so it was assumed that it came from Atlantis. It features geometric patterns in the form of carved rectangles and two triangles. It is designed to protect against bad energy, balances the human energy field, therefore it is considered an occult symbol.

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