Some treat them simply as a beautiful decoration, others treat them as a source of energy. Where did the fashion for minerals, stones and crystals come from? And why is it worth getting acquainted with this direction?

Crystals, stones and minerals are no longer reserved for connoisseurs and enthusiasts, they can be found almost everywhere. Although it is known that reliable sources will be the best. Where does the fashion for such gadgets come from? This is certainly due to the fact that we are paying more and more attention to what is natural and healthy. And when it comes to what we eat and the cosmetics we use.

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Diamond - means "Unsurpassed", "Indestructible".

The most valuable of all gems. This is the purest crystalline form of carbon, formed in the bowels of the Earth under enormous pressure and very high temperature. It is the hardest mineral found on earth. Its surface can only be scratched with another diamond. Its properties, that is, hardness, strength and purity, symbolize the relationship between a woman and a man, which is why it is the most popular stone in engagement rings. It is considered a sacred stone, which is patronized by the sun - the most powerful and indestructible force. He guards the fidelity and indissolubility of relations, because he himself is pure and does not tolerate hypocrisy.
The most popular cut is the round, commonly known as the rhombus. Factories produce imitations of diamonds in the form of cubic zirkonia, but as Confucius said: "Better a diamond with a flaw than ordinary glass without it."


This green stone symbolizes cosmic life force, strength and inner happiness. It is an exceptionally valuable gemstone. Its green color calms, strengthens the nerves and soothes irritations. It also has a healing effect on the organs of vision, which is confirmed by scientific documents. This is a stone "pleasing to God and people."
According to legend, Emperor Nero watched gladiator fights through a green emerald.


This is one of the most popular stones. It is called a stone of harmony and relaxation, because for people prone to stress, it restores balance, brings peace and frees from negative thoughts. If you can't handle your emotions, need more patience, and want a good night's sleep after a hard day, reach out to this stone. Such a stone will be useful for overworked people, especially in high positions, and for resolving conflicts in both professional and personal life. In the case of care, amethyst is ideal for people with imperfections, such as acne, promotes detoxification and blood purification.


The nave comes from the red color of this stone. Previously, it was associated with the element of fire, it is a symbol of courage, love and divine mercy. It is a symbol of vitality and struggle, and at the same time, the passion of love and pleasure is the color of life, youth and perseverance of feelings. In the past, young spouses were advised to protect them from adultery.
Ruby has always been valued among the rulers of Europe. It was placed in front of the crown in memory of the martyrdom and blood of Christ.


Also called skystone because of its blue color. It has always symbolized immortality and purity. According to Eastern beliefs, a symbol of cursed wisdom and a treasury of all kinds of knowledge. This is a wonderful stone for anyone who wants to make their relationship strong and partnership.
In ancient Egypt and Rome, sapphire was worshiped as a stone of righteousness and truth.


Topaz is called a sacred stone. Topaz enlivens the mind, facilitates concentration, helps in concentration, overcoming obstacles and difficulties. Its blue color symbolizes power and strength. This is a wonderful amulet that helps to solve difficult cases and difficult problems. Jewelry with topaz has a positive effect on spiritual development.


Amethyst symbolizes spiritual purity.
It has been valued and respected for centuries for both its beauty and its properties. Protects from bad thoughts and dishonest intentions. Recommended for people prone to anger or depression. Amethyst is a symbol of power and happiness. This stone stimulates spiritual development.


Surely you have already heard about jade. And what should you know about it? Like amethyst, it improves mood and drives away bad thoughts, which is why it is often recommended for people suffering from depression. It restores harmony and relaxes, so you should always have it with you, whether on your desktop or as decoration. In addition to the properties that affect our body, including the complexion (helps fight skin imperfections, soothes infections), it should save money and ensure well-being and a happy, long life. Jade is available in several colors and therefore each one has different properties. And yes, green promotes self-realization, increases self-confidence, and when kept under the pillow, it allows you to receive dreams that contain answers to many questions that bother you. Blue jade is called the philosopher's stone. Will it make us feel the powers that Harry Potter had? We don't know this, but they say that it helps you deal with excessive anger and look at many things in a more detached way. It is a good idea to take black jade with you on your trip, which you will use as an amulet. It also purifies fear and negative emotions such as anger, hatred and jealousy. On the other hand, olive-colored jade is conducive to achieving long-term goals that require great strength and effort, as it adds perseverance.


Its name comes from the place of its discovery - Tanzania. When it was first discovered, it was considered a sapphire. This is a very unique and rare gem, even rarer than diamonds. It is a symbol of dignity and elegance. In jewelry, it first appeared in the Tiffany collection. Tanzanite jewelry was worn by Elizabeth Taylor and other Hollywood stars.


Due to its yellow color, it is a valuable jewelry and collection stone. Citrine increases self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-esteem. Facilitates learning, gives strength in exams. It also has properties that focus attention and emotions. Its color is associated with the sun, so lemons are a stone of optimism and joy, they give warmth and light. It helps in the treatment of depression.


Most often it is bloody and burning in color. This stone stimulates its owner, gives self-confidence and develops intuition. Pomegranate stimulates the erotic imagination. It is a symbol of love, it stimulates creativity and passion.


Olivine and its noble variety, called peridot or chrysolite, is a very rare and valuable gemstone. In history, it was known as the "stone of the sun."
Olivine is credited with healing properties. Helps with digestive problems, cleanses the body of toxins. It is called the "stone of hope". Protects against depression, causes a feeling of happiness, peace and optimism.


Turquoise is an amulet of virgins and young wives. Turquoise owners are blessed with freshness of mind, strength and composure. Turquoise protects against accidents and misfortunes, therefore it is especially recommended for drivers.
Given to a loved one, it provides a sincere feeling, pure and unchanging.
When turquoise turns pale or grey, it is a sign that its wearer is in danger of illness or danger.

Coral Stone

Coral for jewelry purposes is obtained from corals. In ancient China, beads were a symbol of wealth, privilege and high social status. Coral is a symbol of strength. It protects the owner, calms emotions and restores harmony. Awakens a feeling of love, warms and revitalizes. It turns pale when the owner suffers from anemia or malnutrition.

Pink quartz

Rose quartz is a stone of love, which says quite a lot about its properties. If you are going to use it in your care, it will help you fight wrinkles, soothe and soothe you. It also soothes all diseases associated with the circulatory system, improves memory, eliminates lethargy, nervousness and promotes fertility. Where does this love come from? Quartz will help us make decisions, often also related to emotional life, when we are not sure if the object of our sighs is love or friendship. It is worth having with you, because it attracts positive people and good events, which can never be too much.


Another very popular stone is rock crystal. But this is not surprising, since it has many wonderful properties. It soothes the symptoms of painful periods, stimulates the brain and helps the proper flow of energy within the body, supports the treatment of severe colds and cancerous tumors. It has a great effect on the skin, cleansing it of toxins, tightens pores, tightens, reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, relaxes, and also works great after aesthetic medicine procedures as a relief to the skin condition.

Crystals in water bottles - what is their effect?

In addition to rollers for the face, recently they have been very popular bottles with stones . The bottles are of course glass and are an alternative to disposable plastic bottles. And they are usually made of high-quality borosilicate glass, which is more resistant. Depending on which crystal you choose, its properties will flow and affect you every time you take a sip of water. In such bottles you can often find amethyst, red jasper , aventurine, sodalite or rose quartz . 

Combs for scalp massage

... Head massage combs . Right next to the roller, this is another must-have made of stone. Most often they are made from amethyst, jade and rose quartz , whose attributes you already know. Their use affects, in particular, the blood supply to the head, stimulates hair follicles, relieves stress, cleanses the lymphatic system of toxins. In addition, they are simply beautiful, so lovers of such aesthetic gadgets will certainly not deny themselves this on their dressing table.

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