The meaning of the mystery of death for man

It is sometimes said that death does not exist until a person is aware of it. In other words: for a person, death has a more real meaning than for any other living being, because only a person is aware of it. The threatening end we think about prevents us from leading a life free of all questions. Yet death is a unique event.

Most people's lives are marked by all sorts of separations: separation due to great love, great passion, power, or just money. We must separate ourselves from desires and expectations and bury them so that something new can begin. What's Left: Hope, Faith, and Memories.

Although death is everywhere in the media, this painful topic is not really being paid attention to. Because many people are afraid of death and, if possible, avoid approaching it. It is often all the more difficult to mourn the death in the environment. We feel more powerless than ever.

Rituals and symbols help mourn.

Rituals and symbols of mourning have always helped people cope with the loss of a loved one. Then a person ponders and meditates on himself - he wonders if he has made the right decisions in his life, and is looking for the meaning of life and death. The search for immortality was and remains the search for the ideal ritual. We will learn what to do to live after death. Symbols and rituals help people navigate and live in this uncertainty.

Symbols are an important way to understand and reduce complexity. For example, we can cross two wooden sticks and thus express the essence of Christianity. A wink is the same symbol as a nod, a handshake, or a clenched fist. There are secular and sacred symbols and they are everywhere. They belong to the elementary forms of human self-expression.

Funeral rituals, such as lighting a candle or laying flowers at the grave, help those close to the deceased cope with the loss. The repetition of the rituals ensures safety and comfort.

Personal mourning

The themes of death and loss are very personal and emotional. They are often accompanied by silence, suppression and fear. When we are faced with death, we find ourselves in a situation for which we are not ready. We do not have the strength to resist the authorities, the rules for the arrangement of cemeteries and the conduct of funerals, which we do not even know about, whether we can change or change them. Yet each person has their own way of grieving - they need to be given space and time.

“Memory is the only paradise from which no one can drive us away. "Jean Paul

The relatives of the deceased have the right to participate in planning and be creative if they wish. When it comes to choosing a tomb, you don't have to start with a graveyard. It is the desire for individualism that today gives rise to new, but also old rituals.

Decisions made early in the mourning phase have lasting impact. Those in charge of cemeteries and funeral directors must learn to be sensitive and empathetic to those who have died. It is also necessary to take into account the needs that the grieving person may not be able to express in their grief and suffering.

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