People have always wanted a happy state. In ancient cultures, this fate was entrusted to magical objects, images, actions and spells. Here is some of them.

Talismans and amulets ... The ancient Egyptians protected themselves from death and evil spirits with talismans and amulets. These were sacred objects to which magical powers were attributed.

Lucky horseshoe ... The tradition of associating happiness with a horseshoe is rooted in the culture of the Celts, who hung such horseshoes in their homes to ward off evil forest gnomes. They believed that if they were hung over the front door, they would bring happiness and health to all household members.

Four leaf clover ... The famous symbol of good luck - the four-leaf clover - comes from Celtic culture. The Celts believed that it protects against evil. Four-leaf clover occurs once in 10 copies. Anyone who finds it can consider themselves lucky.

Bamboo ... In ancient China, bamboo was believed to bring good luck, so it was placed in homes. To this day, bamboo trees can be found in the homes of the Chinese, who are credited with the ability to bring happiness, good fortune and success.

Happy elephant ... In turn, the inhabitants of India associate happiness with an elephant with a raised trunk. Hindus worshiped a god of fortune named Ganesha, who had the head of an elephant. Fortunately, the raised trunk elephant is an American invention borrowed from Hindu beliefs.

Acorns ... Acorns are a symbol of happiness, prosperity and power in Britain. Many Britons carry dried oak with them.

Lucky Seven ... Numerous mythologies and religions equate the number 7 with complement and whole. In the track, we can read that a happy year comes every 7 years. The number 7 also has many symbolic meanings in the Bible.

Rainbow ... When a colored stripe appears in the sky, we raise our heads and say, "This is for good luck." The use of the rainbow as a symbol of happiness is probably due to the fact that in the Bible it symbolizes the covenant between God and people. With the help of the rainbow, God promised never to punish them with a flood again.

Penny for good luck ... Pick up a penny somewhere and tell him he's lucky. We are, of course, joking, but in ancient countries metal was a very expensive and unique material. It was believed to protect against evil, and the same power was attributed to coins made from it.

Prophet's eye ... The Eye of the Prophet is one of the most famous amulets found in many world religions. It symbolizes the vigilance of the supreme being and the protection of people from evil. This amulet was used in antiquity, and now it is used by Orthodox Greeks. The local church officially approves the use of this amulet.

Rabbit's foot. The ancient Celts believed in the power of driving out evil with a rabbit's paw. Fortunately, the tradition of wearing the rabbit's foot was passed on to the United States by slaves from Africa who arrived there in the 19th century. =

Lucky cat ... If we believe that a black cat brings bad luck, then the Japanese believe that a figurine of a cat with a raised paw brings good luck. It is difficult to say where this tradition comes from, but such figurines can be found in Japanese houses, companies and stores.

Cat's eye for business success ... The ability to bring business success, a mineral that resembles a cat's eye, is credited to the people of India. This mineral is designed to protect against losses and ensure financial stability.

Symbols of happiness, used to this day, regardless of time, place, and culture, equate happiness with receiving good or protecting against evil. The latter happens more often, which proves that the fear of evil forces and an unfavorable fate is still very strong.

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