Symbols on labels provide valuable clues to quickly group garments based on how they should be washed, ironed and dried. Following these guidelines will help you take better care of the things you love and make them live longer. You also do not risk damaging delicate dresses, jackets or blouses. Check how to read the symbols on care labels and how to properly care for your clothes. 

Laundry labeling

The symbols related to washing are divided into symbols indicating how to properly clean things at home and in the laundry. Let's start with those that allow you to determine how to properly care for your clothes. 

How warm water can be is expressed by a specific temperature or the number of dots drawn on an icon representing a vessel of liquid. The more dots, the higher the allowable temperature (from 1 to 4, where the lowest is 30 ° C and the highest is 90 ° C). 

In addition to dots, wash images may also contain horizontal lines under the dishes to indicate the degree of care that should be taken when washing. The more there are, the more careful the handling of the material. 

  • One line - informs about the need to clean in the delicate wash mode and means that you need to select a "delicate" program on the washing machine.  
  • They mark two stitches - mostly synthetic fabrics. Select the "hand wash" washing mode. 

Strokes and dots can accumulate within the same image or appear at two different elevations. In addition to them, you can find a symbol with crossed-out dishes, which means that washing in water is prohibited - it means only dry cleaning. These items should not be machine washed, hand washed or soaked, as this can cause stubborn stains or changes in the shape of the garment. 

Chemical cleaning symbols

Clothes that can be dry cleaned are marked with an empty circle. If it is crossed out, it means that cleaning is not recommended and may damage the fabric. Also, there may be letters in the rim: 

  • A - can be cleaned with all types of solvents, 
  • P or F - recommended dry cleaning in carbonate solution or gasoline, where F appears on delicate fabrics, 
  • W - wet cleaning is allowed. 

Another symbol of dry cleaning is the whitening triangle. If it's not crossed out, bleach can be used with confidence. Sometimes the letters CL or additional diagonal lines may appear in the triangle. The first point to the possibility of chlorination, the second suggest using only oxygen bleaching agents. 

Symbols on ironing labels

If the iron symbol on the label is not crossed out, it means the fabric is safe to iron. As with laundry labels, the maximum temperature is indicated by dots inside the pattern. The more dots, the hotter the iron can be: 

  • it usually appears on clothing made from artificial and synthetic materials such as polyester or rayon, which melt easily. Ironing aid max. 110 ° C; 
  • two - a mixture of natural and artificial fibers, such as a mixture of wool and polyester. When you are pictured, the maximum ironing temperature should not exceed 150 ° C. 
  • three indicate the possibility of ironing even with a very hot iron (up to 200 ° C) and refer to natural fabrics (eg cotton). 

Problems with selecting the correct ironing temperature can be eliminated by selecting  Braun TexStyle 9 iron  with iCare technology that protects fabrics from burning by automatically setting one safe temperature for each fabric. Thanks to this solution, you do not have to wait for the foot to warm up or cool down between ironing different things, which saves a lot of time. 

Drying Labels

All drying symbols are square. If it is empty, this means the rejection of dryers or washer-dryers, and if it is crossed out, drying is not allowed at all. 

Additional marks may appear in the square: 

  • onions - the need to hang;
  • three vertical lines - drying vertically, preferably on a hanger, which helps to maintain the correct shape of the clothes; 
  • horizontal line - drying in a horizontal position, for example, by spreading it on a towel, which usually refers to clothes that can stretch, such as sweaters or knitwear; 
  • two diagonal lines - must be hung in the shade, away from the sun, which can, for example, discolor the fabric or cause unsightly streaky spots. 

If there is an additional circle in the square, the icon is associated with the ability to put clothes in the dryer. There may be dots inside these symbols, as in the pictures with the iron and linen. One is low temperature drying and gentle mode, which will also reduce the drum speed. Two - the possibility of warm drying. 

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