On this page, we have included the most popular sacred geometry symbols. Nature has many sacred geometry symbols incorporated into her designs, such as flowers or snowflakes. We'll also show you how to do some of them, which is pretty interesting to know. To see how to make some of these sacred geometry symbols, go to the bottom of this page and click on page 2.

Sacred geometry symbols

spiral2.jpg (4682 bytes)

Fibonacci Spiral or Golden Spiral


rectangle1.gif (7464 bytes)

Golden rectangle The black outline of this spiral is what forms the golden rectangle.

From the following image, you can create several sacred geometry symbols:

sacred_geometry_1.jpg (5174 bytes)

circle33.jpg (9483 bytes)

Main circle

octahedron.jpg (13959 bytes)


floweroflife2.jpg (16188 bytes)

Flower of Life - this shape was not made using the first picture above.

fruit-of-life.jpg (8075 bytes)

Fruit of life

metatrons-cube.jpg (38545 bytes)

Metatron Cube

tetrahedron.jpg (8382 bytes)


tree-of-life.jpg (6970 bytes)

Tree of Life

icosahedron.jpg (9301 bytes)


dodecahedron.jpg (8847 bytes)


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