Celtic culture and symbolism fascinate many of us, especially lovers and esoteric enthusiasts ... The Celts brought us not only their magical runes, but also their own style, their unique music and, above all, their symbols. It is very likely that whether you are familiar with this culture or not, you have already seen some of its traditional symbols somewhere, as they are almost a part of our daily life, which is why they can often be found on jewelry or tattoos. ...

The artistic influence of Celtic culture is very important for many people, so at ToutCOMMENT we decided to devote a whole article to Celtic symbols and their meaning ... Don't miss this article to learn more about these mysterious and fascinating symbols!

Celtic symbols and their meaning

There are a number of symbols in Celtic symbolism that are much more famous than others, and often used in tattoos and other designs :

  • Triskelion : perfection and balance between mind, body and soul.
  • Tree of Life or Bethadh Tree : represents life and connects heaven, earth and the world of the dead.
  • Ring Claude : love.
  • Strong knot : union and indivisibility.
  • Celtic cross : your choice of light, the four seasons, or the intersection of the paths of the living and the dead.
  • Sun cross : the wheel of life, progress, change and evolution.
  • muse : spiritual enlightenment and divine.
  • Triquetra : life, death and rebirth.
  • Wyvern : represents the forces of the earth.
  • Sigil : the symbolism depends on its creator.

The rest of our article celtic symbols and their meaning we'll take a closer look at the meaning of each of the symbols we just introduced to you.

Celtic symbolism

Let's talk about history first. The Celts used their protective symbols , both to win battles and to protect their homes and families. The Celts, unlike other peoples and cultures, made their engravings on stone and bronze, which allowed their symbols to survive the passage of time and reach us safe and sound. In fact, the influence of Celtic culture was so strong that it quickly entered our lives.

Although today, when we talk about Celtic culture, we directly think of countries like Ireland, Scotland or England , in fact the Celts were composed during the times of the various Indo-European peoples who, over time, formed the relationship between them. However, it is believed that the origin of the Celts dates back to the Iron Age.

Therefore, we often hear about Breton or Irish Celtic symbols, but in fact we can find traces of these same symbols throughout all European civilizations. While some symbols may be specific to certain regions, the Celts were primarily a group peoples, settled across the continent and who, as a result of migration, gave rise to different peoples who will accept Celtic symbols, for example, the Welsh, Helvetians. , Gaels and other Gallic peoples.

Celtic runes:

Celtic runes are an integral part of the runic alphabet, mainly used by the Germanic peoples. There is 24, which, besides being used for writing, had their own meaning, most of which were associated with deities from Celtic mythology. Consequently, these runes, like Celtic symbols, are imprints of symbolism.

Celtic perennial knot

The perennial knot is a Celtic symbol of love that we refer to as the Celtic knot family, or more commonly referred to as weaving ... In fact, it is a knot that is never untied, so it represents an eternal union of lovers that survives in time and space.

Since it has no beginning and no end, it also represents eternity and reincarnation. Moreover, because of these meanings, it was customary in Celtic culture to inherit this symbol generation after generation so that the family line could persist indefinitely. Also this motive exchanged during Celtic weddings between lovers, as a symbol of eternal and indestructible love.

For the Celts, the eternal knot protected the couple from all sorts of failures and the depletion of love due to time. So it was complement, support and pair fusion symbol .

Celtic pattern:

In fact, there are many symbols and patterns that are considered Celtic designs. In fact, the concept of a node is a strong symbol of indivisibility, perfection and symbiosis , besides the fact that it has a special aesthetics and the ability to be modeled according to preferences. Therefore, it makes sense that the Celtic pattern is found in many Celtic-style tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Celtic symbol of strength and courage?

The Gift Knot is the most famous symbol of strength and courage. The Celts revered nature (in particular, ancient oaks).

They considered the oak tree to be a symbol of strength, power, wisdom and endurance. If you are looking for a Celtic symbol of inner strength, also use the Gift knot.

Is there a fancy Celtic love symbol?

We had questions about “whimsical” and “whimsical” symbols that “would look really aesthetically pleasing, like a minimalist tattoo” ... I don't even know what that means ...

As mentioned in the guide above, the most accurate symbol of love is Serch Bifol. This symbol is made of two Celtic knots (or triskeles) that symbolize eternal love.

Are Celtic Symbols and Meanings Still Relevant?

Celtic symbols and their associated meanings are still popular in Irish culture ... Some people are naturally more interested in them than others.

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