What is Freemasonry? Who are the Freemasons? Who Can Become a Freemason? Over the years, many controversies, mysteries and conspiracy theories have arisen around the topic of Freemasonry, that is, Freemasonry.

It used to be thought that Freemasonry is a kind of elite club of people adhering to a certain ideology .

These people are linked through lodges, and their position is closely related to their financial position, ideological attitude, education, influence and position in the economic and political world.

There are those who consider the Freemasons to be the ruling sect in the world. Others regard Freemasonry as a charitable organization of eminent philosophers. The Freemasons themselves say that they work in the name of tolerance, freedom, equality, brotherhood. The ideal for them is order in a world where there is no war and violence.

So where did so many questions about Freemasonry come from?

Professor Ludwik Hass said:

- The biggest secret of Freemasonry is that it has no secret ?

Are you sure?

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry emerged in the middle of the 18th century. It was called the Royal Art or the Order of Free Masons, and from the very beginning it caused a lot of controversy. It functioned like secret society and from the very beginning used a hierarchical structure and extensive levels of initiation .

Each Mason has taken on an undeniable commitment to loyalty and secrecy. On the one hand, Freemasonry declared its belief in human knowledge, progress and reason. On the other hand, she used rituals and rituals following the patterns of occultism and black magic .

The main goal proclaimed by the Freemasons was brotherhood of all nations and religions ... This became possible thanks to the creation of a universal religion without dogmas with the idea of ​​God as the great builder of the universe. The Roman Catholic Church banned believers from belonging to Freemasonry on pain of excommunication back in 1738. The main reason was the mystery of Freemasonry and the equality of religion and God as the architect of the world. The hostility of Freemasonry to the Church was justified by the postulates of the abolition of religion in schools and anti-church laws. The prohibition against Catholics from joining Masonic lodges is still in effect, as confirmed in 1983 by Cardinal Ratzinger. Famous Masonic names include: Voltaire, Robespierre, Washington, Roosevelt, Churchill, Chirac, Mitterrand, Castro.

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