Symbolism plays a large role in Hinduism. In fact, these are signs that personify Infinity, which would be incomprehensible to ordinary people. Imagine doing math without using number boards. Imagine the complexity as the number gets bigger and bigger. If one might eventually find it difficult to do mathematics with finite numbers, how can one understand the infinite God without the aid of symbols?

In Hinduism, symbols also bring the Supreme God’s closeness to the Commander of the people as a personal God.

Om, the most sacred symbol of Hinduism

Revered by all religions of Hinduism. This is the original OM sound. This mystical noise is so important that there are cults without it. Arhanas performed in Hindu temples include this for each mantra recited. This is also the beginning of the sacred Vedas. This mantra is one of the most famous mantras for meditation. This noise represents the supreme deity.

Shiva Lingam is a symbol representing God in Hinduism.

The main worship symbol representing God (the word "shiva lingam" is translated as a symbol of the perfect God) for the Shaivites. (Actually, the name itself means a symbol). It is widely in. Mid and taper up This is the shape of the flame. In the Shaivite philosophy, God is formless. Thanks to grace in souls for an easy understanding of the Divine and liberation, God appeared in the form of a flame. This flame is worshiped as a stone lingam and other forms that facilitate worship. Among the Shaivites, this is considered more sacred than forms of worship. 

Vibuti or Holy Ash is the mark that adorns the forehead of the Hindus.

Three stripes could be seen on the foreheads of the gods and goddesses. These three headbands are worn by Shaivites and representatives of other religions in this family (Shakta, Kaumara, GANApatya). This symbol is called tripundra (three stripes). Since God appeared as the supreme flame (not to be confused with agni. Agni becomes one of the aspects of God, but not the Supreme Court itself), in the Saiva religion (see Lingam above), naturally, Ash becomes a symbol. which indicates a connection with this param (supreme flame) jyoti. 

rudra + axa translates to rudra's eye. This is a pearl made of wood. It is believed that this came from the eye of Shiva when he burned the Tripura asuras. It is one of the sacred symbols worn by the Shaivites as well as the Holy Ash. It is worn as a bead or beaded garland.

This is the point at the junction of the eyebrows for most Hindus. It can be red sandalwood kumkum or a mixture of both. This connection is one of the very important chakras called in spiritual terms the AGYA chakra. This is a very delicate point. So tilaka is maintained at this point.

The three vertical lines (or sometimes one red line) worn by Vaishnavas are called Sri Churna. The outer two lines will be white and the middle one will be red. The red line usually runs from the kumkum or red sand at the base of the Tulsi plant. This custom was introduced later in Ramanuja as Vaishnava symbolism. vaiAhNavas who do not belong to the Ramanuja Sampradaya (eg mAdhvas) do not follow this custom.

nandi - the sign of the soul in Hinduism

This Holy Bull is the vehicle and flag of Lord Shiva. So this is the emblem of the Shaivites. This emblem could not be found on the walls of Shaiva temples, on flags, in message headers and on many other objects. The origin of this emblem is evidenced by the fact that this emblem was found during the excavations of Harappa Mahanjadaro (the so-called places of civilization in the Indus Valley). According to Saiva scriptures, the bull represents dharma (righteousness).

Shula or trident - the weapon of the Hindu god

The three-pointed spear (trident) is one of the most famous weapons of Lord Shiva. Hence, it is the second important Shaivite emblem after Nandi. Since the goddess Shakti also holds this trident, it is a symbol held high by devotees of Shakti.

Shanku and Chakram - Vishnu's decorations

The Panchajanya conch and the Sudarshan disc in the hands of Lord Vishnu are great symbols of the Vaisnavas. These two elements are imprinted as emblems in objects associated with Vaishnava.

The spear is the weapon of glory for Lord Skandha. So this is a very respected symbol of the devotees of Lord Subramanya.

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