“The speech of flowers” ​​is an expression of emotions and feelings through a beautiful floral arrangement. Regardless of what we want to convey, each flower has its own story. A bouquet of correctly selected flowers should express our personality and character, feelings of a given situation or moment. The selection of flowers should be thoughtful, and correctly selected flowers should determine our emotional state, not words.

Flower Symbolism

1. White lilies symbolize long-term relationships, virginity, modesty, optimism, peace, happiness, orange - passion, yellow - joy. White lilies in funeral wreaths and bouquets are a religious symbol. In China, bouquets of lilies are given to newlyweds and symbolize the birth of a child. They are also a gift for any occasion.
2. Heathers Is a "space filled with flowers" and a symbol of beauty. It is believed that these flowers attract good luck and fortune, generate positive energy that fills our home, and are also a symbol of beauty, admiration and respect.
3. Hyacinths - flowers with a strong aroma, they symbolize sports and fun, as well as jealousy and sadness.
4. Narcissus(daffodils), fragrant flowers with delicate petals, a symbol of spring, a new beginning, life, wealth. In Chinese culture, they are a symbol of happiness.
5. Irises , flowers come in different colors. White is associated with purity, purple is a symbol of wisdom, blue is for faith and hope, yellow is for passion. A colorful bouquet of irises is a symbol of friendship, loyalty and love. In China, the symbolism of these flowers is the commemoration of parents, ancestors, an expression of respect for them, the expulsion of ghosts.
6. Tulips - a symbol of spring, hope, trust, dreams, abundance and wealth, they are seen as a symbol of new opportunities and changes. They come in different colors, each with its own symbolism.
7. Chrysanthemums.it is a symbol of autumn, sadness, gravestone flowers, they also symbolize happiness, loyalty, honesty and friendship. They have different symbolic meanings depending on the country and culture.
8. Orchids (orchids), exotic with a stunning flower, beauty, often used in wedding bouquets, a symbol of affection, affection, kinship, as well as luxury and wealth.
9. Freesia - a symbol of spring, friendship and innocence.
10. White Rose  - a symbol of happy love and respect, red Rose - a symbol of love, beauty and courage, teahouses Rose - a symbol of admiration, white purity, yellow - jealousy.
11. Daisies - this is innocence, love, purity and gentleness, they cause joy and well-being.
12.Pink carnations - a symbol of gratitude, love for the mother, white - purity, innocence, luck, red - a symbol of love and affection. In Poland in the 1970s, these flowers were presented to women on the occasion of Women's Day and Mother's Day.
13. Anthurium , beautiful red heart-shaped flowers. According to the legend of Ancient Greece, these were Cupid's arrows for lovers. They are also the flower of "celebration", a symbol of sincere affection and friendship.
14. Asters (pink, red, purple, white) means wisdom and faith. In Greek mythology, flowers were placed on altars as a gift to the gods.
15. Azaleas (white, pink, salmon, lilac ...) - a symbol of care, longing, elegance, wealth, femininity and beauty.
16.Cornflowers -  summer flowers, sophistication, a symbol of loyalty and constancy.
17. Cyclamens symbolize parting. In Japan, they symbolize the "sacred" flowers of love.
18. Black roses - a symbol of goodbye.
19. Violets - a symbol of loyalty and vigilance.
20. Gerberas spring, beauty.
21. Gypsophila - a symbol of innocence.
22. Hibiscus - a symbol of love and desire.
23. Hydrangeas (blue, purple, white, pink) - a symbol of understanding, honesty, gratitude, and also a symbol of wealth.
24. Malva - a symbol of attraction to nature.
25. Daisies - a symbol of suffering and harm.
26. Reds maki - a symbol of pleasure and interest, yellow maki Is a success.
27. Magnolias -  large flowers with a characteristic smell, a symbol of nobility and dignity, the vitality of nature.
28. Fern - a symbol of happiness and well-being.
29. Geranium - this is the pursuit of happiness, but also naivety and disappointment.
30. Cherry color - a symbol of happiness, however, it has a second meaning - unsatisfied love, a symbol of betrayal and sadness.
31. Sunflowers - a symbol of devoted love, fidelity, the second meaning is pride and ingratitude.
32.Lily-of-the-valley - a symbol of purity of heart, humility and happiness.
33. Forget-me-nots Is a blue flower symbolizing "great love" and memories.
34. Peonies - a symbol of shame and joy, red petals - pleasure, yellow peonies - success and wealth. In China, the peony is a symbol of the "Queen of Flowers" wealth. In Japan, the peony is a symbol of honor and courage. In Thailand, peony flowers have a double symbolism, a bouquet is a wish for a happy marriage, but also shame.

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