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Cherry tattoo meaning

Cherries are traditionally considered an attribute of Asian culture. Most often, the mention of this tree can be found in Japan, where its beauty and grace are especially revered.

Today we will talk about the place of cherry in tattoo culture, how it is depicted on the body, and what meaning it acquires.

I must make a reservation right away - in almost 100% of cases, a cherry tattoo is done by young girls who want to emphasize their sexuality, femininity and cheerful character.

For this reason, this rather spicy symbol on the female body evokes admiration and interest from the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Nevertheless, after analyzing our gallery of photos of tattoos with cherries, we tried to find out how cherry tattoos are most often depicted, and what the meanings of such tattoos may be.

Cherry tattoo meaning

History of cherry tattoo

The cherry blossom tattoo has an ancient history and is associated with various cultures and symbolism. Here are some key aspects of the history of this design:

  1. Japan: The cherry tree, or sakura, has a special meaning in Japanese culture. It symbolizes beauty, femininity, the brevity of life and transition. Cherry blossoms are considered the national symbol of Japan and are often depicted in art, literature and tattoos.
  2. China: In China, cherry is also associated with femininity and beauty, but can also symbolize love and sexuality. Cherry blossoms are often depicted in traditional Chinese art and literature.
  3. West: In Western culture, the cherry tree can be associated with eroticism and sexuality due to its shape and color. Cherry blossom tattoos are often chosen to express sexuality or attractiveness.
  4. The Second World War: During World War II, American troops often chose cherry tattoos to express homesickness and a desire for a peaceful life after the war. Such tattoos have become popular among sailors and soldiers.
  5. Modernity: Nowadays, cherry blossom tattoo remains a popular choice among tattoo lovers. It can be made in a variety of styles, from realistic to stylized, and have different symbolic meanings for the wearer.

The cherry blossom tattoo has a rich history and symbolic meaning that can be interpreted differently in different cultures and among different people. It represents beauty, femininity and the brevity of life, and can also be an expression of eroticism and nostalgia.

Cherry tattoo options and meanings

  1. Cherries on a branch. This tattoo symbolizes virginity, innocence and purity of its owner. Unpicked berries at all times were considered a sign of purity and pristine beauty.
  2. Plucked cherries. This is the most common variant found on girls' bodies. Most often, such tattoos are not given special importance, but if cherries on a branch indicate innocence, then plucked berries can characterize a girl as more mature, sexy and playful. The greatest admiration among men is the cherry tattoo on the butt of a beautiful girl. This can be perceived as a willingness to meet new people, openness and friendliness. And of course, this is just a beautiful and appropriate symbol.
  3. Cherries covered with ice. This interesting and unusual plot is rather difficult to unambiguously interpret. It can be assumed that ice can mean a kind of restraint, a kind of armor, behind which beauty and sexuality are hidden.
  4. In addition, the cherry can be a complement to another pattern. The most popular example of such a tattoo is cherry on the cake or a sweet cake. All this can be attributed to typical female subjects, which will be relevant and appropriate to look on the skin of almost any young girl.

It remains to present to you, our dear readers, a collection of photos and sketches of cherry tattoos.

Photo of a tattoo with a cherry on the head

Photo of a tattoo with a cherry on the body

Photo of a tattoo with a cherry on the arm

Photo of a tattoo with a cherry on a leg

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