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Anchor tattoo

Even in ancient times, tattoos on the body of people served not only as an ornament, but also as talismans, amulets that were supposed to help their owner cope with the difficulties and hardships awaiting him on the path of life.

In this article we will learn about one and such symbols, reveal the meaning of the anchor tattoo and find out the attitude towards it in modern culture.

The meaning of the anchor in modern tattoo art

Nowadays, the image of an anchor can be found not only in a strong and desperate sailor, seasoned in wanderings and adventures, as it happened before. Now this symbol is widespread among both men and women. Males often choose more restrained, often monochrome sketches.

Girls, using all their creativity, can give preference to a catchy, bright and effective picture, so the meaning of an anchor tattoo for girls can be very diverse.

It is on how the work is done, what colors and accompanying drawings are used in the plot, which often depends on what the tattoo in the form of an anchor will mean. Let's find out more about this.

  • Loyalty, dedication, reliability... First of all, the image of the anchor means that its owner is hardly inclined to betrayal and deception, he can be trusted without fear of sad consequences.
  • For girls, an anchor tattoo on the arm will become a symbol caution, patience and calmness and will be able to save from rash acts and rash decisions.
  • Some girls choose for themselves a small picture of an anchor around their neck, which symbolizes hope and faith in light and good.
  • Pictured on your finger or wrist small anchor, most likely, indicates that in front of you is a person who is somehow connected with the sea or shipbuilding, who respects his profession, but nevertheless, always wants to return to the house where he is loved and expected.
  • The meaning of an anchor tattoo with roses is honor and sacrifice in the name of love. Such a plot has a special energy, because roses, which act as a background for an anchor, are often considered not only a sign of sensuality and passion, but also a symbol of blood that a person is ready to shed for the well-being of people close and dear to his heart.
  • In the composition with the image of a snake, the girl's anchor tattoo means, oddly enough, the peace, security, fertility and vitality of the sun... This symbolism comes not so much from the functions as from the form of this ship's device.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the meaning of an anchor tattoo is very multifaceted. But choosing a sketch that you like, even if you decide to stuff an anchor on your face, only you have the right to decide what this drawing will mean and what role it will play in your life.

Plots and stylistic solutions

An anchor with flowers made in watercolor style... Such a tattoo is perfect for a girl, and can be located on almost any part of the body.

Light, almost imperceptible contours, smooth color transitions and halftones will allow you to convey all the tenderness and romance of a girl's nature, without violating the integrity of the plot, and careless strokes and chaotic bright splashes will create the impression that the picture is indeed painted with watercolors.

This direction is so appreciated precisely because of the attractive romance, airiness and brilliance of the works created by the master. A professional tattoo artist working in this style will be able to depict a unique illustration on the skin, which will delight everyone around for a very long time and, of course, delight its owner.

A fairly popular male plot is an anchor and helm in the style of new school, which are most often part of the composition on the leg or depicted on the calf. Such a tattoo testifies to the indisputable leadership qualities of its bearer, that he himself chooses his life route, is ready for any changes and is always responsible for his decisions, even if he has to go to the bottom with his ship.

New school, thanks to its sharp, clear contours and incredibly bright, saturated colors that often contrast with each other, makes the drawing more voluminous, distinguishable even from afar, which once again allows everyone to demonstrate to everyone around those qualities of a person to which he wants to draw attention with a tattoo.

Photo of anchor tattoo on body

Photo of anchor tattoo on hand

Photo of anchor tattoo on leg