Jack of Diamonds


Jack of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds - meaning

Swallow with introduces the Messenger... This card also symbolizes the wrong helper or worker. Jack of Diamonds is a young man who comes and goes - along the way, he takes more than he is allowed to. This card is a sign that you will be dealing with an intelligent person who cannot be trusted.

Generally about Jack's card

Jack is a playing card that shows the most common image of a young man, usually a squire, knight or young aristocrat or prince. The jack belongs (next to the king and queen) to the so-called number, where he is the youngest of them. A deck of playing cards consists of four jacks, one of each suit (jack of clubs, jack of diamonds, jack of hearts and jack of spades). Equivalent jack in traditional Polish cards: below.

Jack marking

Depending on the language in which the deck is made, the jack has different markings:

  • in the Polish version - W
  • in English - J (jack) - the most commonly used designation
  • In French - V (cameraman)
  • in German and Dutch - B (Bugs, farmer)

Who does Jack represent?

In the English pattern, the jack and other pieces do not represent anyone specific, contrary to historical French practice, which says that each court card represents a specific historical or mythological figure.

Butlers in the Parisian pattern are traditionally associated with figures such as:

  • Swallow with - Hector (mythological hero of the Iliad)
  • Swallow trefl - Lancelot (knight of the round table)
  • Swallow's choice - Danish stallion (knight of Charlemagne)
  • Cyrus the swallow - La hire (French warrior - fought alongside Joan of Arc and Charles VII of Valois during the Hundred Years War)

The above explanation of the value of the jack of diamonds is very general. It should be borne in mind that there are many different schools of "reading" cards - their meanings can vary greatly depending on the personal views and inclinations of the person.

Let's remember! Fortune-telling or "reading" cards should be approached with suspicion. ??