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Elephant symbolism. What does the Elephant symbolize?


There are many meanings and interpretations in the symbolism of the elephant. But the most popular are probably strength and power.

We inevitably know the impressive physical strength that he possesses, but apart from these characteristics, this pachyderm is also considered to be a kind of spiritual guide in some regions of Asia.

Thus, the symbolism of the elephant also personifies sensitivity, knowledge, stability, loyalty, intelligence, peace, reliability and determination. All of these qualities have more to do with the mental than with the physical aspects of the animal.

The elephant pays a lot of attention to its herd, both young and old. It is a sign of responsibility, determination and loyalty.

Calmness and patience are qualities that are also attributed to him, because if his herd or cubs are not in potential danger, this animal is very quiet.

While it is not in his nature to be destructive, when he feels threatened, he can wreak havoc on anything.

This is one of the reasons why the elephant is so adorable, because while it has enough strength to dominate other species with its incredible strength, it prefers a quiet life, free from conflict and struggle.

Items associated with the symbolism of an elephant are usually considered talismans that bring good luck to the farm in which they are located. Elephant-shaped objects are also said to have the ability to contain any type of negative energy.

Elephant symbolism has different interpretations depending on cultures and religions.

The Hindus associate it with water and rain because of Indra, the god of thunder and rain, who is usually depicted riding a white elephant. In Christianity, the symbolism of this magnificent animal personifies moderation, chastity and patience.

Do you identify with the elephant? Positive and negative traits of your personality

If you identify with an elephant, it is because you are a calm person who has a hard time losing his nerves. But when someone crosses the red line you drew, they'd better run away to avoid your rage.

You love to read and learn, and you can recall details from readings that you read a long time ago. You are good learners and smart, and you have great ability to acquire new knowledge.

Although you are not vindictive, you never forget: you forgive, but you do not forget. You know that those who let you down before can do it again if you give them the opportunity and be on their guard.

You are someone who is easy to live with and who avoids conflict. You know how to gain respect with your personality and quickly gain the admiration of others.

You are very family and are not afraid to interfere: you enjoy being with your loved ones and doing something with them.

What will you learn from an elephant?

You can learn from this great lord that the correct use of power is essential in gaining the respect of others.

Because the ability to force oneself on others only attracts their submission and prevents them from earning their attention or respect.

The elephant shows you that you don't have to show your abilities ostensibly: you just need to know that you have them. This is what gives you the confidence that you can live in this world without fear of threats.