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Gorilla symbolism. What does Gorilla symbolize?


The gorilla is often considered an aggressive and ferocious animal. Due to his large size, his presence is fearsome, but this impression has to do with his appearance, not his personality. In fact, in most cases, it is a fairly peaceful animal.

Gorilla symbolism teaches you to hold your head up in any situation and realize that noble values ​​such as honor and dignity are hidden inside you. It is they and nothing else that give the gorilla leadership qualities.

This big ape rarely uses his physical strength to impose himself, and you can use her as an example to learn to lead with moderation, justice, compassion and understanding instead of using fear or aggression.

Gorilla value is also associated with wisdom and generosity, qualities that usually attract good luck and prosperity.

If a gorilla appears in your life, then you are looking for stability and security.

You are actively looking for someone you love and with whom you can spend the rest of your life, which can be a mistake. You should clearly consider the reasons why you are doing this.

Love must come at the right time and for the right reasons. Don't worry if this hasn't happened to you yet, just be patient and don't give up hope.

Use this waiting time to have an experience that will prepare you so that when true love is introduced, you will be able to recognize and appreciate it.

Do you identify with the gorilla? Positive and negative aspects of your personality

If you identify with a gorilla, it is because you have a sociable and energetic personality. You are joyful and full of life. You are sociable, popular, always in a good mood and you have many friends.

You are also considered an intelligent person with great analytical skills and the ability to solve any type of problem, no matter how complex.

You enjoy work in which you have to be active, both physically and mentally. You have natural leadership abilities that enable you to lead others with determination, decisiveness, and fairness.

You are always ready to take responsibility and rarely make mistakes in your work. You are a dedicated person who does everything you start and achieves results that match your abilities.

On the other hand, you can say that you are selfish and love to be the center of attention. When you feel ignored, you can show the worst side of your personality.

You are very active, and when you do not have time for physical activity, your mood suffers.

You don't often hide what you think about, and that transparency can sometimes get you in trouble. You have a great personality and don't care if your point of view bothers others.

You have a rather superficial sense of friendship, and in a way, you could say that you are looking for friends only because you enjoy having your own fans.

You want others to admire you, but you always keep some emotional distance, and when someone new and interesting comes into your life, you are not afraid to put others aside.

What can a gorilla teach you?

The gorilla doesn't care about other animals, and you can learn from them not to worry about what other people say and do what is best for you.

If you stick to your decisions and trust your inner strengths, all your plans will go well. But remember to stay consistent in order to do this.