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Dolphin symbol. What does Dolphin symbolize?

The dolphin represents balance and harmony. It also symbolizes resurrection and protection. He has a playful personality that reminds us that we should look at life with joy and humor. People who identify with dolphins are usually kind, peaceful and have deep inner strength.

Among other meanings attributed to this sea animal in history, we find:

- Peace and harmony

Dolphins are highly intelligent and can trust their intuition and instincts rather than over-thinking.

These animals can often be seen playing and swimming around boats, at sea, welcoming them and showing their kind and friendly nature. This attitude is a reminder that invites you to see what is good in others, an example that shows you that you need to be at peace with everything around you.

- Cooperation

Dolphins are an extremely cooperative species. They work as a team to feed and protect the injured. The entire community gathers around mothers and their young to protect them if the predator prowls. Dolphins exhibit a degree of cooperation and generosity towards themselves that is difficult to find in human nature.

- Inner strength

Dolphins are fearless and strong when threatened by killer whales or sharks. They fight instead of fleeing, which demonstrates their immense inner strength. They represent self-confidence and remind you to stand firm and speak your mind rather than hide your nature.

- Resurrection

Dolphins have long been associated with resurrection across cultures. Those who are attracted to dolphins may think that they are on the cusp of a personal and spiritual rebirth, or that they have recently gone through a stage of rebirth.

- Playful spirit

One of the reasons the dolphin evokes so much empathy is because of its playful nature. It reminds us that we need to maintain a sense of humor in life and that there is no need for reasons to play and have fun. It is also a reminder that even with busy schedules, we need to make time to enjoy our most playful and childish side.

- Protection

Sailors have always considered dolphins to be a sign of good luck. They are known to chase sharks and help drowning people. This is why they have acquired a reputation as protectors. They show us that we must not ignore those who need help and that we must think of others before even trying to save ourselves.