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Palmistry - how to read the signs on the hands


You just need to know the meaning of a few of the most important signs on your hands in order to read your future. Discover the secrets of palmistry.

Palmistry - how to read the signs on the hands

Palmistry is divination by the lines on the hands. The distribution of these lines is repeated around the world about one in a million. Everyone can check what awaits him on his own. It is enough for him to learn a few special signs on his hands and compare them with his own.

A few words about palmistry

In palmistry, we can distinguish between chirology and chirology. Chirology is the study of the shape of the hands and fingers, their width and length, on the basis of which the character and temperament of a person are determined. Chirignomia, on the other hand, is the study of lines and knolls on the arms.

Right and left hand in palmistry

Each hand is analyzed separately. The right hand (free will hand) shows everything we have influence over, such as what choices we can make in life. The left shows everything that is beyond our control, such as our character, our shortcomings, virtues and talents.

What are the hands and what do they say about us?

Here are the main types of hands:

  • Pointed (thin hands and fingers, pointed fingertips) - belong to squandered people, not very careful, not very practical, believing in ideals.
  • Square (broad hands with thick fingers) - belong to specific and systematic people who respect the law.
  • Conical (the hands are cone-shaped, and the fingers are short and thin) - it is difficult to live with such people, make friends and work, because they are impulsive and impulsive.
  • Elementary (hands are wide, and fingers are short) - belong to people who work hard physically and realize themselves as much as possible in such work.
  • Knotty (truncated squares, large ponds) - belong to people prone to philosophizing. They are characterized by wisdom and logical thinking. They are materialists.
  • Spatula-shaped (broad and large hands with long but thick fingers) belong to people who prefer actions to words, and therefore act instead of philosophizing.
  • Mixed (combine the features of several types of hands) - the nature of the people to whom they belong can be considered on the basis of these predominant features.

The skin on the hand, its color and character traits

The skin of the hands can usually be:

  • dry (in depressed people),
  • wrinkled (in dry people),
  • smooth (for sensitive people),
  • moist (in nervous people).

Hand skin color:

  • pink (distinguish cheerful and balanced people),
  • pale (highlights the helpless),
  • yellow (highlights jealous people),
  • red (highlights people full of emotions).

Palmistry - how to read the signs on the hands

Sole. Photolia

What do the individual lines on the hands mean?

Basic rules for interpreting lines on the hands:

  • the fewer lines on the hands, the calmer life,
  • the more lines, the more worries and transitions,
  • a large number of thin lines means nervousness,
  • a broken line means a change in living conditions,
  • clearly marked lines mean a great passion for life and business, poorly visible - on the contrary.

The most important lines on the hands

Here are the main lines on the hands that you should pay special attention to:

  • The life line does not show how long we will live, but shows the vitality (motivation, energy, physical strength).
  • The line of the heart shows how strong our love for others is.
  • Head Line - shows what intellectual abilities we have.
  • The line of fate (career) is most often seen only in people who come to something in life on their own and use their talents at the same time.
  • The line of Mercury is strongly expressed in people who do not have problems with interpersonal relationships and who have talent in professions that require direct contact with people and negotiating prices.
  • The line of the Sun - when it is strong, it shows that we are rich or will be rich. When it is not there or it is barely visible, then we will not be rich.