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Fortune telling - ready-made slogans for cards


Passwords are needed to read fortune-telling on St. Andrew's cards. It can be mocking texts or deadly predictions. We choose the first!

Fortune telling - ready-made slogans for cards

If you don’t have an idea or time to come up with a fortune-telling slogan, use our ready-made schemes and practical tips. Fortune telling on St. Andrew's Day will make a splash among friends. It won't be boring!

Andreevskaya fortune from cards

What Fortune telling of St. Andrew the First-Called from sticky notes? A small and quick reminder. Cut out cards of the same (or different sizes) from white or colored paper. Any form. It can be stripes or fun shapes like a flower, star or heart.

We write the selected passwords on them (or ready-made passwords from our list) and wrap them in rolls, just fold them in half or into a fancy accordion. The main thing is that you can not immediately read what is written there.

Andrew's buns it can also be tied with ribbon or gold thread for better effect. However, this is quite laborious, especially with a large number of passwords. Place the cards in a large container (jar, bowl, bag, hat, etc.) from which you can take them out. Who will pull out the card and read the password, thus receives its sign or prophecy.

fortune cookie 

Divination by stickers can be seasoned in another way. It is enough to bake special cookies into which cards with passwords are inserted. It can be treats entirely in the style of the famous Chinese fortune cookies or our own original product.

The simplest recipe Andrew's snacks so that:

  • 2 a glass of wheat flour,
  • half a cube of margarine (or butter),
  • 50 g of powdered sugar,
  • spoon of salt
  • 5 tablespoons cold milk (or water)

You can also add flavoring or cinnamon or other spices - according to your preferences and taste.

Cut the dough into any shape. It can be circles, triangles or squares. Then we form from them something like a bag with curved corners. So that you can put a piece of paper inside (after baking!) Or a roll of parchment (parchment will not burn!). The dough, cut in the form of a circle, can simply be folded in half and broken to make a kind of dumplings (similar to Chinese cookies).

If you have other good and proven cookie recipes, just bake them. Any shortbread will also work. 

Passwords to Andreevsky cards

The slogans of St. Andrew the First-Called should not be evil or too frightening. First of all, they should be adapted to a group that will have fun together and cheer you up!

Here are our suggestions for St. Andrew's Day cards.