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Divination - 5 most interesting divination


Discover five divinations of St. Andrew the First-Called that you don't know about yet. Pouring wax on St. Andrew's Day is not the only idea for this magical evening!

Divination - 5 most interesting divination

The night from November 29 to 30, which falls on the eve of St. Andrew the First-Called, has magical powers. Then all Andrey's predictions come true! Spend St. Andrew's day exploring the future and experience 5 divinations of St. Andrew.

1. Divination by fruits

How to read fruits on St. Andrew's Day? The rule is simple. Place fruit on a tray or place in a deep container. It can be, for example, an apple, pear, plum, orange, tangerine. Depending on the imagination and our creativity, it can also be exotic fruit What type.

We blindfold another person or cover the container so that only a hand can be inserted into it without seeing the contents. Depending on which fruit is chosen, this will be the prediction. You can only say, for example, "I choose the fruit on the right.", "I choose the third fruit from the left" so as not to recognize the fruit by its shape.

Importance of fruits

What do the individual fruits mean?

  • jabłko - happy life
  • plum – you will not find a partner for at least a year
  • lemon - multiple relationship crises
  • Orange - portends the imminent acquisition of unique love
  • pear - excellent fertility and rapid family expansion
  • mandarin - you won't settle down anytime soon

2. Divination by needles and leaves

What is reading with needles and leaves? Needles are thrown into the water (perhaps from some other “ephedra”) and any leaves. Needles are usually symbolized by men, suitors, boys; leaves - women, virgins, girls. If the needle touches the sheet, then the pair will converge or will establish relations.

3. Candles floating on water

Meet our next Divination of St. Andrew. These are candles (preferably a tealight type) placed on cardboard or something very light that you place on water. This is a different version of reading needles and leaves. More attractive because it can be done in a darkened room by candlelight or outdoors, such as by the side of a pond.

If two candles are released into the water, this portends good luck. great love fulfilled or an early wedding. Determined bridesmaids or bachelors often blow on the water to speed up the bond. But be careful! If the candle accidentally goes out, this is a very bad omen!

4. Divination from spots and blots

Drop a few large drops of any coloring matter on a piece of paper or a piece of cloth / napkin. It can be, for example, ink, paints, beetroot juice, etc. Then we fold a sheet of paper or fabric in half. We can interpret the form that will arise.

Frequently repeated marks of spots and blots:

  • Man - you will meet someone special, it can be the love of a lifetime;
  • Plant - be careful, because someone close to you can betray or deceive you;
  • Ptak - this year you will not meet that one and only person that you dream of;
  • arm - friends will help you in your poverty, you can always count on them;
  • lock - you will move away from your loved ones;
  • Vehicle - you can not cope with life's problems;
  • Lodz - too easy attitude to life will bring you trouble.

5. Fortune telling on apple or potato peeling

On St. Andrew's Night you can also read apple peels or potatoes. The apple symbolizes happy and mutual love. Potatoes, on the contrary, can be a symbol of a long and peaceful life. The one who manages to tear off the skin in the longest and continuous serpentine will either have happiness in love, or / and a calm, long life.

Then you can throw peelings behind you. If their shape resembles a letter, this will be the first letter of the name of a loved one.