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St. Andrew's games and fortune-telling for children - 10 ready-made ideas

Andreevsky divination is not only wax casting. See how to bake fortune cookies, how to read straws, find out the name of your future wife/husband. Fortune-telling for children is great entertainment, you do not need to take them seriously.

St. Andrew's games and fortune-telling for children - 10 ready-made ideas

In the past, St. Andrew's fortune-telling was of a marital nature: popular engagement ring divination this made it possible to find out, for example, the sex of the children. Today they are viewed with skepticism and children are allowed to take part in them. St. Andrew's holiday for children can be organized at school, but St. Andrew's holiday at home is also a good idea!

What is the name of the person who loves me? What will I be when I grow up? What awaits me in a few years? — not only adults want to know their future. Children love fortune-telling and willingly participate in St. Andrew's games. Below you will find 10 ready-made ideas for divination by St. Andrew the First-Called for children.

1. Fortune Cookie Cooking Game

Fortune telling hidden in cookies will reveal the secrets of the coming year! To prepare them you will need:

  • 270 g of flour,
  • 90 g of powdered sugar,
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 tablespoon of water.

Fortune cookies are not greasy, so the fortune card stays dry and the text stays legible. What to put inside such cookies? Here are ready-made passwords for divination.

2. What will I be in the future - physical activity

Among the Andreevsky divination there are games related to the prediction of the profession.

3. Magic cards - chemistry game

Time for a fortune teller to show us the name of the future husband or wife baby who is starting to walk! On white sheets of paper, write the male and female names in invisible ink (lemon juice works well for this function). When it dries, put the magic cards in two hats (women's and men's).

The girls draw cards from the men's hat, the boys from the women's. With the help of a charm above the flame of a candle, the name of the future husband or wife is read.

4. Pouring wax - a game of imagination

Start by preparing the divination wax. You can use beeswax, but if it is not available, cheap candles will do: melt the cut white candles in a water bath. When the wax is ready, pour it into the bowl of water through the keyhole containing the child.

When it freezes, the baby lifts the wax figure into the light. All children judge by the shadow he casts on the wall. We predict the future by its shape:

  • Angel - good news.
  • But - busy year.
  • Man - you will know your love.
  • House - security.
  • fountain - luck.
  • Star - money and happiness.
  • Feces - betrayal.
  • Legs - be careful in new acquaintances.
  • butterfly - internal transformation.
  • money economy year.
  • a heart you will find love.
  • the sun means a good year.

The resulting form doesn't look like any of the above? Here you will find more meanings of wax figures. Remember, however, that the interpretation of a wax sculpture is only up to the child's imagination! Instead of wax, you can also read with coffee grounds. 

5. St. Andrew's heart

Prepare: colored paper, scissors, pen, pin.

Cut a heart out of paper and write on it about a dozen names of boys and girls (depending on the gender of the child). The prophecy says that every child will pierce the heart with a pin. The name that he comes across is the name of the future lover.

6. Divination by straw

Prepare: felt-tip pens, drinking straws, a bowl of water.

First, each child marks his straw with his own color. The next step is to toss them into a bowl of water. When these straws come together, they will signify the eternal friendship of the people they belong to.

Andreevsky performance for children is a great opportunity to dress up, for example, as a fairy or a magician. Think about what suit for the baby to choose.

7. Maps on the water

Prepare: wine corks, cards with male and female names, a bowl of water, pins.

Attach name cards (male or female) to the wine corks, then place them in the water along with the cork with the baby's name. This cork, which comes with the kit, will indicate the name of the future lover.

8. Coin in the well

Place a bowl of water in the center of the room and give each of the little guests a coin (all coins must be of the same denomination). Then each of the children should go to the bowl, make a wish and, standing with their back to the bowl, throw a coin over their left shoulder. A child who goes to the bowl can expect his dream to come true soon.

9. Flower divination

Prepare eight cards with the names of flowers, assign a suitable divination to each of them:

  • Orchid - you will be lucky on the go.
  • Narcissus “Be careful, you might be in trouble soon.
  • Calm down - on your way you will meet this / the only one.
  • Chrysanthemum You will soon miss someone.
  • Lily You will achieve your dream goal.
  • without - you're lucky.
  • Crocus You will meet good people along the way.
  • Carnation - be careful, someone is jealous of your luck and fortune.

10. Fun with cups

Prepare cups and a few items that you can hide underneath. Give each of them a certain meaning, for example, a coin is upcoming gifts, a leaflet is a trip to your favorite place, and candy is a sweet life. By opening one of the cups, your little one will know what to expect in the coming weeks.

Have you already developed a script for Andreev's fun for children? Now it's time to read St. Andrew's divination for adults!